Does Facebook Owe Vin Diesel Billions?

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Facebook started in 2004 – Twitter 2006 and now Rippln 2013

Rippln began in Dallas Texas on April 13th, 2013 in a private company meeting. 79 days later Rippln had reached 1 million members. They did it by private invite only and by word of mouth. It took Facebook 330 days in 2004 ( Feb 4th – Dec 30th ) and Twitter began on July 15th, 2006 and took nearly 2 years 709 days to reach 1 million members. I call these three platforms the Big 3. However, the World does not know about Rippln, but in the coming months it will be a household name like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, with Rippln reaching 1 million members in only 79 days, that is amazing as it reached the 1 million member mark 4.1 times faster than Facebook.Rippln will be different and will eventually dominate Twitter and Facebook. Why? It is the first of its kind to ever offer people money for building out their social network, whereas Twitter and Facebook gives the people who built them ( us – we the people ) nothing. Just listen to two big stars who have millions of members and followers. Ashton Kutcher talks about Twitter and Vin Diesel talking about Facebook. The Rippln platform and Rippln communicator will change the World. Comes out at end of 2013 and Rippln will be announced to the World going public in 1st quarter of 2014. it is time to get in the ripple. 

Ashton Kutcher talking about Twitter

Rippln will be the next big thing. Rippln can pay both Vin Diesel and Ashton Kutcher for sharing products thru Rippln and also all their millions of followers. All people all over the world will join the Rippln Social platform. It is why Rippln will become the king of social media and the sharing of info, products, games, technology, songs. You name the product or new technology and it will go thru your Ripple.


Richard Keane – SiriusNews

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